Shot on Super 8 with in-camera edits, Convolve transforms pages from Greg Bright’s Fontana Mazes into a convoluted passage, using prisms, water refractions and warped chrome to obscure the already obscured path of The Maze. The score for this film is created by taking an analog-video feed of the film, and using the video output of the camera as an audio input. The black and white lines of the mazes sculpt the tone and structure of the audio in real-time, resulting in a jarring, alien soundscape.


Four ominous figures perform an unusual ritual to sacrifice one of their own in order to open a portal into another dimension.

Shot on Video8, all visual effects created with analog-video mixing and optical video feedback processes.


A young girl falls asleep embraced within her zebra print covered bedroom. She is quickly whisked away into a fantasy-jungle dreamworld, where she is visited by a Cosmic Goddess who enchants her with the power to create and control her own dreams. Overcome with power, the young girl soon finds herself floating amongst a sea of distorted zebras, ripping through the fabric of her dreamworld, into her own home.

The music video for Glory Days is a lo-fi effects-heavy trip through a green screen dream world comprised of a hand built miniature set created entirely of aquarium Decorations, and layered with analog video feedback and effects. All the effects featured in Glory Days are the result of processing the footage through an array of aging analog video and broadcasting equipment, forming vibrant and dynamic textures created from intentional glitches, and repeatedly layering the footage onto VHS tapes.